CAS – Courts Administration Service

DARS – Digital Audio Recording System

IM/IT – Information Management and Information Technology

GST/HST – Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax


Term Definition
Appeal from Federal Court (Final Judgment) A proceeding instituted in the Federal Court of Appeal challenging a final judgment of the Federal Court.
Appeal from Federal Court (Interlocutory Judgment) A proceeding instituted in the Federal Court of Appeal challenging an interlocutory judgment of the Federal Court.
Application for judicial review A proceeding instituted challenging the decision of a federal board, commission or tribunal (section 28).
Application for review of a decision A proceeding instituted to review a decision of a military judge.
Application for review of an undertaking A proceeding instituted to review the conditions of an undertaking.
Bijural Applies to Canada’s two systems of law: the common law and the civil law.
Consolidated When different cases that have the same parties or have certain elements in common are heard together.
Days in Court Each court sitting day where a registrar attends in person or by teleconference.
Decisions Proceedings concluded by way of judgment, discontinuance or other documents.
Directions Instructions by the Court, written or oral.
Files prepared for hearing and heard in Court Number of appeals, hearings, judicial reviews, motions, teleconferences and meetings heard by the court.
Judgments Decisions of the court.
Not Perfected When the parties have not yet done everything required of them, according to the rules or orders of the court, in order for the case to be ready to be scheduled for a hearing.
Notice of Appeal A proceeding instituted to appeal a decision of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada (verdict and sentence).
Notice of motion commencing an appeal A proceeding instituted for release of detention pending a decision on the appeal.
Orders Decision rendered by the courts.
Perfected When the parties have complied with the rules or orders of the Court, in order for the case to be ready to be scheduled for a hearing or disposed of by the Court.
Proceedings Instituted or Filed A matter or cause before the Court which includes appeals, actions, applications, applications for leave and for judicial review and where provided for by federal statutes, administrative proceedings such as the ones instituted by the filing of certificates, decisions or orders of federal boards, commissions or other tribunals in the registry of the federal courts for the purpose of enforcement.
Prothonotaries They are appointed under the Federal Courts Act (s. 12). They are full judicial officers and exercise many of the powers and functions of Federal Court judges. Their authority includes mediation, case management, practice motions (including those that may result in a final disposition of the case, regardless of the amount in issue), as well as trials of actions in which up to $50,000 is claimed (see Rules 50, 382, and 383 to 387 of the Federal Courts Rules).
Recorded Entries Entry and identification of a document in the Courts and Registry Management System.
Reserved Proceedings set aside or Decision that is not rendered immediately after a case has been heard or argued.
Scheduled for hearing Proceedings in which a hearing on the merits has been scheduled.
Specially Managed Cases A proceeding that has been assigned to a specific judge.
Stayed When a case is placed “on hold”. For example, where another related decision is to be made before the case can be continued.