Senior Committees

CAS’s governance is facilitated by a number of committees which help determine the requirements of each Court and make informed decisions on key issues.

Senior Committee Structure

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CAS Chief Justices Steering Committee

The CAS Chief Justices Steering Committee assists the Chief Administrator with respect to CAS’s priorities, risks, budget allocations and other significant matters affecting the conduct of the courts. It is supported by three National Judges Committees (Security, IM/IT and Accommodations) and its membership includes representatives of each of the courts and CAS.

The mandate of the CAS Chief Justices Steering Committee is to provide a forum to discuss decisions that affect the governance of CAS, and questions which pertain to CAS relations with federal partners, in order to preserve judicial independence in keeping with the purposes of the Courts Administration Service Act (s.2) and the respective roles and responsibilities of the Chief Justices and Chief Administrator as provided for under the Act. The Chief Administrator chairs the Committee.

National Judges Advisory Committees

Three subject matter Judges Advisory Committees on Security, IM/IT and Accommodations facilitate judicial involvement and collaboration on decisions pertaining to their respective areas. Sitting on each committee are judicial representatives from each of the four courts, supported by functional members from CAS. The committees submit their recommendations to the CAS Chief Justices Steering Committee for consideration and endorsement. The Chief Administrator chairs all three committees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the organization’s most senior decision-making body. Its mandate is to support the Chief Administrator in making informed and responsible decisions pertaining to the management and administration of the organization and to the services it provides to the four courts. The Executive Committee serves as a forum for establishing the strategic direction on a wide range of issues, identifying corporate needs and considering the potential outcome of decisions on the priorities and resources of the organization and the four courts.

Senior Management Committee

The Senior Management Committee plays an essential role in all planning activities and also assists the decision-making process by reviewing operational and policy issues and making recommendations to the Executive Committee. It is also responsible for the implementation of final decisions taken by the Executive Committee. Membership comprises the executive cadre of the organization.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides the Chief Administrator with advice and recommendations regarding the sufficiency, quality and results of assurance on the adequacy and functioning of CAS’s risk management, control and governance frameworks and processes, including accountability and auditing systems. Its membership includes the Chief Administrator, who chairs the Committee, and two external members: Ms. Leslie Sandra Holland, Q.C., and Mr. James D. Wright, CPA, CA.