Organizational Structure
and Governance

Judicial and Registry Services

The Judicial and Registry Services Branch provides the four Courts with appropriate and adequate support to enable them to execute their judicial functions effectively and efficiently.

Judicial services support members of the four courts in discharging their judicial functions through executive legal officers, senior legal counsel, judicial administrators, law clerks, jurilinguists, judicial assistants, library personnel and court attendants. The services include legal services and judicial administrative support, research, revision, linguistic and terminological advice, translation, media contacts, administrative support and liaison with bar associations across Canada.

Registry services are delivered across the country on behalf of the four Courts. The registries process legal documents, provide information to litigants on court procedures, maintain court records, participate in court hearings as required by the judiciary, support and assist in the enforcement of court orders, and work closely with the Offices of the four Chief Justices to ensure that matters are heard and decisions are rendered in a timely manner. Registry services are offered in every province and territory through a network of permanent offices, and agreements with provincial and territorial partners.