Message from the Chief Administrator

The Honourable Daniel GosselinFor over ten years, the Courts Administration Service (CAS) has dedicated its efforts to provide registry, judicial and corporate services to the Federal Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada and the Tax Court of Canada. By supporting the members of the four superior courts and their clients, CAS has effectively contributed to the maintenance of an independent and effective judiciary, which underlies Canada's justice system.

In 2013–14, CAS deployed all necessary efforts to enhance its core services and meet its priorities. To meet the changing workload requirements and the essential needs of the four courts, CAS worked closely with them to identify and prioritize their specific needs and seek possible efficiencies. We refined our intelligence-led security strategies to support the modernization and deployment of security systems, and we laid the ground work to optimize our information technology infrastructure and provide better tools to the courts and employees.

While the past year has presented increasing financial and workload pressures, CAS employees continued to carry out their tasks with dedication and professionalism. I am grateful for their invaluable contribution, as well as for the continued support of the Chief Justices, the Judges and the Prothonotaries.

As the Chief Administrator of CAS, I am pleased to report on the achievements of our organization in this 2013–14 Annual Report.

Daniel Gosselin, FCPA, FCA
Chief Administrator