Organizational Structure
and Governance

Senior Committee Structure

CAS's governance is facilitated by a number of committees which help determine the requirements of each Court and make informed decisions on key issues.

Senior Committee Structure

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The CAS Chief Justices Steering Committee assists the Chief Administrator with respect to CAS's priorities, risks, budget allocations and other significant matters affecting the conduct of the courts. The Chief Justices Steering Committee is supported by three National Judges Committees (Security, Information Management/Information Technology [IM/IT] and Accommodations) and its membership includes representatives of each of the courts and CAS. These national committees promote collaboration on decision-making, support the prudent and efficient management of resources, and improve communications between the courts and CAS.

The Executive Committee is the organization’s most senior decision-making body. The Executive Committee is supported by the Senior Management Committee, which plays an important role in all planning activities and also assists the decision-making process by reviewing operational and policy issues and making recommendations to the Executive Committee.