The Year In Brief

Maximize the use of our limited resources

CAS continued to face significant financial pressures that threaten its long-term sustainability. While CAS implemented a number of initiatives aimed at optimizing the use of resources, there remain significant program integrity concerns. Consequently, in 2013-14, CAS continued to work with central agencies and stakeholders to identify viable, long-term solutions to address program integrity issues.

Throughout the year, CAS maintained its rigorous budget allocation and reallocation to meet its pressing operational priorities. Through ongoing consultations with the Chief Justices committee; CAS ensured that resources were aligned to address the critical needs of the court. 

To further realize cost savings, CAS undertook initiatives to increase automation and the use of technology, including the implementation of a translation database, the development of an IT costing database, enhancements to management dashboard performance, budget upload automation and salary process improvements. Further enhancements that could realize medium to long term cost savings will however require further investments.