The Year In Brief

Improving communications

CAS restructured and streamlined communications services to better respond to and support evolving program needs. A number of services designed to enhance key stakeholders' understanding and awareness of CAS and the courts were provided.

In 2013-14, CAS developed a Strategic Communications Plan to inform the organization's activities with emphasis on effective communication strategies and tools to improve the quality, timeliness, relevance and flow of information. The plan was developed with stakeholders' consultation.

To ensure the availability of court accommodations across the country, CAS maintained ongoing and open communications with provincial and territorial governments. CAS also supported initiatives to enhance key stakeholders' understanding of important changes impacting the federal courts' processes.

Throughout the reporting period, CAS reinforced its partnerships through active participation on a number of regional councils and inter-ministerial committees including the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Heads of Courts Administration and the Association of Canadian Court Executive Officers. These fora promote effective communications through information exchange and the sharing of best practices across organizations and jurisdictions.